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The Demand for Greater Safety

Safety is of paramount concern to both vehicle manufacturers and consumers.
As consumers spend more time on the road, they are demanding higher levels of automotive safety. Manufacturers are keenly aware of consumer demands and government safety requirements, and they’re designing more and more features to enhance occupant protection.

They must have access to the most up-to-date information and the most sophisticated equipment to create increasingly complex systems.Through our installation centers around the South Africa, Handel Street Upholsterers helps vehicle manufacturers provide greater safety for vehicle occupants and complies with all manufacturer airbag requirements.

Because we understand your concerns, we are maintaining our industry leading insurance policy per airbag occurrence. You can feel confident selling Handel Street Upholsterers (PTY) LTD leather interiors to your customers.

We have sold over 100 000 interiors without a single reported airbag system failure. This success can be attributed to our world-class manufacturing facility.

The following sample Air Bag test report is a testament to our unfailing efforts to achieve a level of safety that our customers so richly deserve.

Watch the Test Videos

Toyota Corolla 22,5 Ambient Front View Test Video

Toyota Corolla 22,5 Ambient Side View Test Video

Toyota Corolla 22,5 Ambient Front View Test Video